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2017 Edition Now Available 


Market Intelligence

on 500 California

Retail Markets


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590 pages of market data and analysis

Available in print and spreadsheet



Published annually since 1992

Softbound 8 1/2 X 11


Overview of the California Retail Survey

The 2017 Survey analyzes the retail performance of each of the state's 58 counties and 480 cities, including eleven years of sales data for 10 types of stores ... such as general merchandise stores, apparel stores, auto dealers . . and more. Whether you need accurate data on growth rates, changes in market share, or business formation trends, you'll find detailed coverage in the Survey.

 The Survey has become a respected source of market intelligence for corporate and government executives because its analysis and rankings are based on actual sales results from each of the 700,000 retailers in the state.

You'll also have at your fingertips a wealth of demographic data for these local markets. You'll receive long-term and short-term population trends, average household sizes, per capita consumer spending rankings, retail sales per household, and age characteristics for hundreds of local markets.

 One of the truly valuable features of the Survey is its 16 Key Market Indexes, which provide at a glance, a complete picture of how each retail market stacks up against others ... and one of the best ways to gauge a local market's pulse and probable direction. By combining the Survey's highly accurate and timely market statistics with these analytical tools, you have really acquired an "expert adviser" that will provide valuable guidance and direction.

 Market indicators like the Growth Persistence Index ... Market Performance Rank ... Relative Strength Index, Business Formation Index, and the Survey's composite Star Rating System. In all, sixteen unique and insightful market measurements designed to highlight for you each market's opportunities and risks.

 Another feature of the Survey that sets it apart is its hundreds of graphs, charts and tables ... each one identifying short-term and long-term local retail trends that are important to decision makers like yourself. In total, over 800 analytical charts, graphs and tables, each giving you a clear picture of local market conditions.

The Survey's market data, analysis, and graphs are used by astute decision makers that know how important it is to have accurate and timely information to support their decision making .. decision makers like marketing and sales executives ... retail store managers ... real estate developers & appraisers, community planners and development specialists, commercial lenders, and wholesalers and manufacturers with a vested interest in local retail conditions. All of these professionals have one thing in common - a strong desire to base their decisions on the best market facts available.

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